Hi there. I'm Belen and this is my blog for Mari Takahashi.

You can leave gif requests if you'd like. :)
Anonymous said:
would you like Joven to clean your house.

yes. preferably in a maid’s outfit.

Anonymous said:
It is soo cute. I don't know how you don't find it adorable.

you need to get your eyes checked mister/missy

Anonymous said:
every single one, name one that isn't

this thing


Anonymous said:
there so cute

not all of ‘em

Anonymous said:
the best thing ever

you sure about that?

Anonymous said:

what are birds

What vid was it where Mari and lasercorn are tied together? :) srry for asking

Mario Party Knock-Off Party maybe.. I think that’s the only time they’ve been “tied” together but I could be wrong. :b Feel free to correct me!

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